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Once the site where the building project is indented to construct is chosen, the expertise of engineers and architects are taken to develop the site and the building plan. Sometimes, an appropriate site is selected after the building layout is prepared. The building plan is developed based on the owner’s requirements and budget. Once the plan is in hand, the finance and total cost is estimated. The structural design details, the material estimates are prepared which help to derive project cost estimate.

How We Work?

1. Planning

The planning in building construction involves three (3) major steps:
Developing the Building Plan
Analyzing the Finance
Selecting the Construction Team

2. Permits

Before starting a building construction, the owner must make sure one has necessary permits taken to start the construction. Permits and insurance are obtained from different sources.

3. Site Preparation

From here, the actual construction process starts. Based on the site and building plan, necessary excavations, leveling, and filling can be undergone to prepare the site.

4. Foundation

Building structures are generally constructed on concrete foundations. Based on the soil type and water table level of the area, the foundation chosen can vary.

5. Superstructure

The superstructure is constructed once the substructure is complete. Generally, a framed structured is developed which is later finished with masonry walls. Adequate windows and exterior doors are placed based on the building plan.

6. Punch list

Once the project is complete, the contractor inspects the whole work one by one and make a punch list. Those structural units or areas that were not constructed properly or are below the quality level is listed in the punch list.

Once the project is complete and handovered to the owner, the contractor specifies a warranty period. Within this period, any defects found in building constructed must be fixed and replaced by the contractor in charge. The warranty for materials and appliances are obtained from manufacturers and suppliers.

Key benifit with our service

Construction is an ancient human activity. It began with the purely functional need for a controlled environment to moderate the effects of climate. Constructed shelters were one means by which human beings were able to adapt themselves to a wide variety of climates and become a global species.

  • Human shelters were at first very simple and perhaps lasted only a few days or months.
  • Over time, however, even temporary structures evolved into such highly refined forms as the igloo.
  • More durable structures began to appear when people began to stay in one place for long periods.
  • The first shelters were dwellings, such as food storage and ceremony, were housed in separate buildings.

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The commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. The planning & executing the efficient transportation and storage of goods, people or any cargo from the point of origin to the point of consumption or delivery.






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